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Private Equity/Venture Capitalist Liability


The Risk
The environment in which the Private Equity/Venture Capital Industry operates is becoming increasingly hazardous. Complex regulatory regimes and the heightened focus on personal liability have resulted in an acute need for effective cover.

It is our experience that corporate and personal liability insurances are often inappropriately applied to the structures typical of most European private equity vehicles. Errors in policy construction can be catastrophic, if they lead to non-response of policies.

The Solution
We identify areas of weakness in traditional policies and provide solutions by either transferring risk or assisting with prudential risk management to contain exposures. Our policy wordings have been specifically created to cater for the complex structures and liability flows prevalent to your industry.

We can also support transactional requirements with products such as Prospectus Liability. Warranties and Indemnities and Intellectual Property Rights Insurances.


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